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Woman Work Analysis by Zacary Brown

February 7, 2011 · 3 Comments · Wednesday Poetry Reflection

“Woman Work”, by Maya Angelou is a poem about the daily life of women form a women’s point of view the poem its self is kind of weird in the beginning because the first 14 lines are going on with a nice even rhyme thats kind of repetitive,  but i think thats intended because it expresses the the repetitiveness of the daily life and work of the women. Them after that she starts talking about nature and realty expresses how she only can get rest there, but then she says this “Fall gently, snowflakes / Cover me with white / Cold icy kisses and / Let me rest tonight.” This is practically calling for death, suicide, which throws you for a loop because this seems like an older poem and you really don’t think about suicide happening back then. After that she says “Sun, rain ,curving sky / Mountains, oceans, leaf and stone / Star shine, moon glow / You’re all I can call my own.” Which is weird because she has so much, even though she has so much she would trade it all just to be free.


  • autumn4

    you might want to put your name somewhere so you get credit for this refelction :) i didn’t quite get the sense the woman was beggin for suicide. the way i interperetted it was that she meant let her rest so she can live through tomorrow, but i definetly think that the suicide theory could be possible

  • sabrina4

    Wow, I never thought it could mean suicide/death but you made a really good point there! It very well could be about suicide. I like autumn interpeted it as her getting some rest after all her hard work. Good point though.

  • Mr. Munson